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Secret Productions
Film Name - " No Hiding Place"
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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Re-Casting & Re- Filming

Due to feedback from teachers and pupils we chose to change our film idea slightly again, but keeping the same title. After filming our third rough cut we are finally happy and are very close to a final cut, our editing is nearly complete and we are now working on the soundtrack to go with it.  ( To complete our soundtrack we will be using Garage Band).

Our film has a new setting, and new cast, we changed the lead girl from being your typical blond scream queen, to a brunette final girl. We added more of a mysterious feel to the new footage, with more shot variation and false scares included.
We began our film with what we hoped to look like a home video of someone's birthday party, but also staged as a flashback for the beginning of the film, to hopefully help the audience get the idea of the following parts.
We changed the name of our lead boy from Jimmie to Sam.
We changed our cast, we are now using Sophie Dixon as the lead girl and George Scaife as the lead boy.

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