" Secret Productions"

Secret Productions
Film Name - " No Hiding Place"
Members Of The Group ... Katie & Ellie :)

Monday, 31 January 2011

Our first Ident Idea

With our production name being Secret Productions, we have come up with the idea of our ident being someone saying sshhh. We have come up with a rough copy of the design and would like it to be a picture of someone with there figure on their mouth, to represent the image of Sshhhh, but out image will be blacked out, so you cannot see the face and all you can see is the finger , with the line Sshhhh.
We chose our design to be like this so it ties in with the Secret Production and gives off the mysterious feeling. We are going to film and record someone saying Sshhhh, but black out the image, so it concentrates more on the lips and the finger.

We are hoping for it to look something like this but more blacked out, so you cannot see the face :

Friday, 28 January 2011

Filming Schedule and Updates

When looking back over our footage, we have realised that our film is more like a scene from a film rather than a two minuet opening, so we are planning to make a new story board and film some of the scenes again during next week. We have decided to begin with a flashback of a slasher and go into the present day  for the rest of the opening. We will still be using the same characters, and using the the clothes as a signifier in our film. 

We have booked a camera for next wednesday, then we will continue with our editing. 

ALL - Podcast 2, Filming


Sunday, 23 January 2011

Filming Arrangements

Today we have filmed what we hope to be our final filming for our coursework. We have used a variety of shots whilst filming such as pan shot, close ups, low angles and high angles ( we used high and low angle to identify the power and vulnerability shift between the main boy and girl characters) , two shots, and mid shots. Our filming took us appropriately 3 hours, we are hoping to begin editing by tomorrow. Even though we began filming at about 5.30 the lighting was just as we wanted it, with a mysterious feel because we didn't want it to be too light because of the storyline. Overall our night of filming has gone to plan and we are very happy with the progress of filming we have made so far, however we still need to think about the music we are going to use to add effect, and our filming was over 2minuets long so we need to cut some things out or make the editing cuts faster to make it fit the criteria of time, but we hopefully aim to have our editing done in the next couple of weeks, and completing and uploading our next podcast this week, to inform you more on our progress.
storyboard 2

Our Storyboard for our fim .. " No Hiding Place "

storyboard 1


For our characters we are basing them on the characters from Freddie Vs Jason. Our final girl Lucy is going to be played by Rachel Harrison, who with a contrast is a blond, we have changed the stereotypical blond, scream queen image to our final girl. Our other two characters who are friends of Lucys, Amber and Kirsty will be played by Melodie Ambraham and Annie Cutillo, they will be tied up together in the garage, to make it look like they have been kidnapped and beaten. Our lead boy will be played by Tyrone Abraham, he will be the ' stalker' who is obsessive with Rachels character Lucy, the boy that throughout the film Lucy is trying so hard to escape, who has kidnapped her friends and tied them up.
The clothes worn by Annie and Mel are going to be dresses and heels, but the dresses are going to look ripped and torn down, asif they have been out the night before and beaten down.
Rachel is going to be in casual clothes, for example jeans and uggs and Tyrone more a less the same.
Below are pictures of our 3 main girls:
Annie Cutillo, Rachel Harrison,Melodie Abraham

Here is a trailer for Freddie VS Jason .. this may give you an idea on our characters :

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Eden Lake

With my film being based on teenagers and the disturbed nature of them, i watched Eden Lake in order to help me develop the idea of a psychopathic teenager.
"Refusing to let anything spoil their romantic weekend break, a young couple confront a gang of loutish youths with terrifyingly brutal consequences"
 Eden Lake was released in September 2008, made $5,824 in the USA Box Office and £481,710 in the UK Box Office. 
The main characters Michael Fassbender (Steve) and Kelly Reilly(Jenny)set off for a romantic weekend away and become victim to vile and vicious attacks by a young gang.

Eden Lake gives form to the extreme stereotypical views and fears of youth today,and without fail places them into a slasher film context,the ending isn't your typical Hollywood ending, instead of cutting the ending off completely and having your typical, final girl or scream queen, it ends with a complete twist making the horror seem inescapable.

The opening scene lasts 3 minuets and begins in a school,the music for the opening scene as they are driving to Eden Lake is quite slow and mysterious. Various things happen on there way to the lake such as a woman slaps her child in a supermarket; rude cyclists casually ride through a red light, causing Steve's (Michael Fassbender)Jeep to brake, and an advertisement announces that Steve's favourite lake is to be redeveloped into a gated community,which immediately foreshadows to the audience that things are not going to be as calm as the couple wanted

Podcast Week 1 - " No Hiding Place"

This is mine and Katie's first podcast here we talk about our casting and what are whole idea of the film is, we introduce or clothing and talk about the setting. 
Next week we will be filming, so our next Podcast will be an update on our filiming. 

Thursday, 6 January 2011


For help in producing our film, Me and Katie watched Tormented ( Released in 2009) . Tormented which is directed by John Wrigth  is based in a college/school in England. Which is a slight difference to your typical horror film setting and place. The film is based on a boy called Darren Mullet, played by Calvin Dean who is bullied throughout his school life, and after being 'tormented' by his bullies, the ' popular ones', he commits suicide. After his suicide strange and gory deaths begin to happen and the only characters dieing are the 'bullies' the teens who made Darren Mullets life a living hell, the leaders of the 'gang' Bradley and Tasha are Played by Alex Pettyfer and April Pearson. As the film develops we begin to realise that 'Mullet' has come back from the dead to get revenge on his classmates. I chose to watch this film because it is your typical teen horror movie which will help with the production of my film.
The uniform worn by each character shows their personality, and their contrasting images, you have your typical popular girls wearing short skirts and loose tye's and then you have the boys wearing unbuttoned shirts and loose tye's, the still below shows a visual of how the uniform was worn.
Tormented is a silly high-school slasher

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

My Coursework Pitch - "No Hiding Place"

For my film which is called " No Hiding Place" i was mainly inspired by the films posted on YouTube by HurtWood Media School.Another inspiration was the film " All The Boys Love Mandy Lane" i watched this film and took a slightly different take on it, as we discover at the end the killings were by a boy who 'loved' Mandy and would have done anything to be with her, which to him meant killing her friends. The Storyline for my film includes your typical teenage boy, girl love interest with a twist. The first shot will be shown in the living room of the house, and then as they are casually talking about the night before, the girl who will be called Lucy asks the boy who will be called Jimmy what he thought happened to her friends from the night before , his reply will then be shy and quiet and stutters with a puzzled look on his face, this will hopefully automatically show the audience he is hiding something. His reply will be "probably just stayed out". Lucy however doesn't think anything of it so as she shrugs it off, she goes upstairs to use the toilet but walks into the wrong room. In this room she discovers pictures of herself plastered on the wall, as if he has been following her every move. 
She then becomes very scared, so  quietly gets herself out of the house, ( are set will be based in the middle of no-where so the house will seem deserted and mysterious, the house we are filming in is your  typical farm house,with a barn placed near it, as these are the only two sheltered places near by, this adds to the tension.) 
He calls her name , " Luceeey...  Luceeey"  with a pro-longed pause in between, as she runs. As she carries on running she will eventually end up  hiding in a nearby barn, he continues calling her name but sounding more angry each time. 
When she opens the barn door and turns around she is devastated to discover her friends who consequentially went missing the previous night,  hands tied up behind their backs,unconscious. Running to help them, she hears the sounds of heavy breathing and footsteps coming towards the barn. She then runs to hide frantically in a corner of the barn, trying really hard to be quiet, hand against her mouth trying to stop herself screaming, as she hears the footsteps again she begins to believe she is in some case 'safe', that is however until her phone begins to ring, she scrambles to get it and then the camera goes for a close up on his face where he then says " told you, you couldn't hide from me" we then end with a scream.