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Secret Productions
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Monday, 21 March 2011

Evaluation Question 6 - What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

From the beginning the product used were basic, were were introduced to :

In Media firstly one of the most important software we were introduced to was I Movie, because without I Movie we wouldn't of been able to create or edit any of our Micro Drama, Prelim's Or Our Film Openings. I Movie has many functions to use to help you edit your film to the best it can be, it was difficult to use at first, but as you develop your understanding and skills you find it a lot easier.
iMovie-main.jpg (620×409) VieweKitImages.php (413×413) 
Another useful site we were introduced to was the IMDB Movie Database. This helped us when we were de-constructing our variety of films, and also we used this as part of our research and planning. This website allows you to look at past, present and future films, of a certain genre or even an upcoming film starring a certain actor/actress or being directed by a certain director. It allows you to look up Budgets a film had and how much your film made.
Another key technology we were introduced to was the Blog Spot. This is where we input all our drafting of openings, research and planning, cast, basic development, pod cast, and vod casts. The blogger was the main part of our Media Product. The Blog is where everything we did is marked. We have relied initially on the Blogger in order to present our coursework. Below is an outline of the Blogger : 

During the first week of school we were introduced to camera and tripods, which we used to make our film, the process was fairly easy and didn't take long to grasp. The camera and tripods we were aloud to borrow were the schools, so we had to make sure we booked them out long before we needed them to make sure we had them. I am looking forward to using the HD cameras next year which will hopefully make our next production more clear. 
To make our Idents for the Opening, we used Live Type, Our Media Technician John helped up use Live Type. When using Live type we developed and designed moving images, and backgrounds, for our Idents. 
Our first ident ' Keltic Distribution' was made using the background and font from Live Type, we did 3 drafts of this and eventually on our third try were happy with the result, so we used it on our Final Cut. Our second Ident ' Secret Productions' we made again in Live Type but instead of using a background from there, we filmed my lips whilst I said sshhh. We then used the font from Live Type to go over our background. 
Then to develop sound on the film, we used Garage Band, again John taught us the basic steps on how to use the technology. We developed the music on Garage band by using the keyboard on the programme, we wanted the sound to feel like a heartbeat to the audience so we used a variety of instruments sounds, and pitch changes to create the sound. 

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