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Monday, 21 March 2011

Evaluation Question 2 - How Does Your Media Product Represent Particular Social Groups?

We originally when first filming wanted to challenge the conventions of the horror genre and have our final girl as the Blond busty girl and the Scream Queens as the brunette small busted, more clever look to them, however after our first rough cut and feed back we chose to change this completely. 

For our Final Cut we still challenged the horror genre conventions of your typical Scream Queen Stereotype being blond, busty and as a stereotypical man would say "fit". We changed the ' Scream Queen'  stereotype and chose our character to have the look of a Final Girl. Our Scream Queen was brunette and small busted, she was wearing a quite high cut top, and cardigan, and didn't come across as to worried about her appearance, she did't have a lot of make-up on, however we still stuck to the Scream Queen view as she was wearing quite a short skirt and revealing tights. We have included her wearing a short revealing skirt as part the theory of Laura Mulvey’s this is a feminists view of including women for ‘male gaze’. Although She is still very innocent Annie is also a brunette which is not expected in a stereotypically blonde scream queen. Above on the right is an example of your typical Scream Queen, being Carmen Electra From Scary Movie, Scary Movie - Carmen Electra Scene  contrasting to our scream queen on the left.

 We chose our film to be a certificate of 15, and have our main audience as teenagers and older teens, aged between 15- 21, we chose to have teenagers as our Representatives and audience firstly because myself and katie are teenagers, and finding the cast would be easier, and secondly because with us being teenagers ourselfs, we know what teens look for in a horror movie, and how to present it to hopefully keep them engaged. The certificate of 15 only allowed us to include the following Criteria For 15 + Audience , we chose this age certificate as we thought it was a valid age for our film, and there was not enough blood and gore to make an 18. 
Our Cast mainly consisted of Female and One Male white British race and ethnicity, and of a younger generation, catch the eye of more teenage audiences, we also used a more number of females than male to catch the teenage boys attentions who watch the film.

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