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Monday, 21 March 2011

Evaluation Question 4 - Who Would Be The Audience For Your Media Product?

Name - Rachel Harrison
Age - 16 

Status - In a relationship

Studies/Education - I.G.S, 6th form 
( history, sociology, biology, psychology)

Interests - Going to cinema, partying with friends, shopping 

Favourite Genre - Horror/Slasher   

Rachel is a 16 year old teenager from Burley in Wharfedale, a typical member of the audience for our film " No Hiding Place". She enjoys going to the cinema and even better her favourite type of movie genre is Horror / Slasher, which is the genre of our film. She is within our inspired age range for our film,which will help increase the audience for it. She enjoys hanging out with her friends which relates to our opening scene of the birthday party and she may also having a close group of friends sympathise with the main girl with her feelings towards loosing a best friend in the film, she is also in a relationship which would give her more of an insight and understanding into our main girls feelings with her relationship at the start.

We aimed our film opening at a primary audience of 15- 21, because our film is about typical teenage lifes and the things they should be enjoying with life and all of a sudden things go wrong, we chose this audience because as directors and producers found it easier to relate to the characters being teenagers and in the age range ourself, we found the story line easier to build on. 
Our secondary audience was 22- 35, we chose this age range as it is not a huge gap between our primary audience, people of this age who watch this film, i think will mainly be people interested in the horror genre.

Our BBFC rating is 15. In order to be a 15 and not an 18 we had to make the violence less gory and graphic,  avoid repeated use of strong swear words,  and not use any sadistic or sexual violence. The graphic shown in the film should also not appear to the BBFC as harming towards others or breach any criminal laws.
 Below are Films of our genre, that have taken a 15 rating and consists of fairly young actors and actresses :

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