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Secret Productions
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Monday, 21 March 2011

Evaluation Question 3 - What Kind Of Media Institution Might Distribute Your Media Product And Why?

With our film being so low budget, and not having your well known high class famous actors such as Keira Knightly and Orlando Bloom , and  props and locations personally i believe none of the top film distributors such as 20th Century Fox  or Universal Pictures  would be interested in distributing our film. Universal Pictures have distributed major film such as : The Adjustment Bureau & the new upcoming film Fast Five, ( none of these films are of our genre but however are an example of some the actors used for these popular films). These very successful distribution companies have had lots of hits over the world especially in America, they would not be interested in distributing our film for a further reason of them being very high budget, and the fact that their actors and actresses are recognised, where as our actors and actresses are new - comers, not very well known.  

Me and Katie as directors and producers of our film " No Hiding Place feel we would be distributed by an Indie Company such as Warp Films. Warp Films have distributed films such as This is England ( 2006, Director- Shane Meadows)  and the upcoming film Submarine ( March 18th 2011, Director - Richard Ayoade) .This Indie company would be interested in our film with it being low budget they will be able to make a large amount of prophet from the film release.  
They relish in a wide variety of genres, and would be happy with our horror genre.  This is England has a Budget of £1,500,000 and made  £1,315,593 in the UK. 


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