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Secret Productions
Film Name - " No Hiding Place"
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Monday, 21 March 2011

Evaluation Question 7 - Looking back at your preliminary task what do you feel you have learnt in the progressing from it to the full product?

When filming the preliminary task we conducted, we had to film again due to us not getting the 180 degree rule correct, however unfortunately when we re- filmed i was not present as I was in hospital, but I did help with the editing of the prelim. So below is the prelim I helped edit.

When completing our prelim task, we learnt the 180 degree rule, when doing the prelim task our group found it rather hard. Since our prelim task and beginning filming our opening, i have learnt and realized how hard it is to create a film, having such a low budget whilst still trying to give of a sense of verisimilitude at the same time. Also i have learnt that having such a low budget can effect which institutions would distribute your film. Also we have now learnt the element of shot reverse shot, which we experienced first hand in in the prelim task. Using shot reverse shot in our film helped show the reactions of the audience more fluently. 

When beginning media, i didn't understand any of the semiotic terms used, now i understand them fully, after having to use them in when deconstructing media texts. 
After doing our Preliminary task and our Micro Media we now as a group and individuals we know that storyboarding, developing ideas and pitches for our plots, were not enough, we needed to do a lot more research into our genre and films to help us with our production. Without research and planning the film will not work, if you know nothing about the genre you are filming. When doing our Micro Drama we focused more on Vladimir's Props character archetypes and trying to fit things like binary opposition and shots into one short film, shorter than our opening.
Below is the Micro Drama both Me And Katie Starred And Produced:

When we started our production on " No Hiding Place" which is our opening, we watched various horror/slasher films to help us develop the characters and their personalities, by watching these films we learnt the typical stereotypes of the genre in the form of your 'Scream Queen' and 'Final Girl' which we then included in our opening. However to change things slightly we challenged the Horror Convention, by changing the image of you typical Scream Queen. To help us more we looked closely at the shot types, misc en scene, editing and sound, when deconstructing these films. We also looked at distribution companies in our research and planning. We filmed our audience feedback and took their views into account which helped a lot.

Below Is Our Third Rough Cut, Close To The Final Cut But With A Little Bit More Sound To Be Added.

Untitled from katie mallows on Vimeo.

We Completed Our Final Cut & It Will Be Uploaded Shortly.

Semiotic Terms i have learnt are : 

Binary Opposition -  This is two opposite charcters shown in a text together which can be shown in shot reverse shot for example a scream queen and a final girl.  We used an example of Binary Opposition in our Micro Drama, where we used your typical geek stereotype and the binary opposite was your typical chav. We also used the names to connote, the typical stereotype. 
Polysemic -  Polysemic means the media text or things used in the media text could have several meanings to it. Although there would be a preferred meaning intended by the produces to the audience, however the audience may take a different view. 
Versimilitude - This is creating a sense of realism to the audience through your film, trailer or opening. 
An example we used of this in our film opening was the home video at the beginning for our flashback. 
Intertextuality-   Meanings from another text being tied into a newer one to show a similar meaning or imply the same thing will happen again. We used an example of this as we included Stephen Kings IT, as a film Sophie And George were watching in the beginning, we also included quick flashes of the IT clown, in our more tense moments. 
Signifier-  This is a detail the audience pick out and see as a significant and having a certain meaning. An Example we used of this is the clown in our film. 

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