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Monday, 21 March 2011

Evaluation Question 1 - In What Ways Does Your Media Product Use , Develop, Or Challange Form Of Real Media Products?

1- Above is our final cut of our Film " No Hiding Place".Our main title is screened at the end of our opening rather than at the beginning, our film would then go on to the main part. We decided to position our title here, as the shot before we see our main girl turn round and say " i swear i saw a clown there" then the door shuts, and the lights go off, we thought it would be good here as it would add more tension with the title being " No Hiding Place" also it enters on a dramatic point in the film , just after it seems she is imagining things. We made our title using Live Type, which is what we made our Ident on.
We chose " No Hiding Place as our title, as in the beginning we see a girl being killed but the killer is a mystery, and the Final Girl would be affected by that death, and see the clown her friend was found with everywhere she goes, almost as if she is being stalked or haunted by the death or killer.

2- Our Second is of the setting, we began the film as some sort of home movie of the ' scream queens' birthday, we chose to use this to show the audience how happy and normal things were, before the death happened. It also helps lead on to the next scenes of the opening which increase the intensity and mystery.

3- Our Third  is of some of the costumes and props used, for our opening. In our opening scenes, the main prop used is a clown, which we then went on to use through out the opening, to signify the killers mark of territory. We got the idea of using a clown as our main prop from Stephen Kings IT. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8n2v9fUa4Vc&feature=related. As seen from this film, we realised clowns have become some people's worst nightmares, so thought this would be a good typical convention of horror.

4-Our Forth  is of our camera work and editing. The first shot we used was a close up on our ' scream queen' Annie Cutillo, and then a pan of our main boy George Scaife, bringing in a birthday cake, this as well as our Final Girl Sophie Dixon, saying " Ambers' Birthday' at the very beginning, signifies that it is of course Ambers birthday. The transitions used between each shot being fade outs, and the scenes being in black and white, connotes a flashback, which is the effect we wanted for our beginning opening scenes.
Our next shot is a two shot of our two lead characters, who for fill the rest of the film.
We then have close up on the clown our Scream queen gets for her birthday which leads to the significance on the clown through the film, the clown later returns in the shot of Annie being dragged after her death, which then leads to a pan shot down Annies body, with a another close up on the clown.
Another shot was a point of view shot used when George and Sophie are sat watching IT on the laptop, where the rest of the opening begins after the flashback, here we used some intertextuality of Stephen Kings IT (1990)  again, ( http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0099864/,)
We tried to signify that Sophie Dixon (Final Girl) was still remember Ambers death, and leave the mystery of whether she was insane or not by editing in laughing, whilst Sophie was by herself in her bedroom, we had her looking around the room and in the mirror, so make it seem like she the noises were all in her head. We found the laugh on I Movie, it was called, Small Child's Laugh.

5- For our Titles we used Live Type, we had a black Background and the colour of font we used was Red, to signify blood, and darkness and evil, to help us with our title we researched the typical conventions of our Horror Genre. The colour scheme for our first opening credits was black and white, we edited this using I Movie, we had the names of the starring actors, fade in and out in white writing, from the beginning to the end of the scene, we had the names come in when the right characters were on screen.

6- We use the sound of a heartbeat through the shots and the child's laugh, and clown to develop the story, our aim was to insinuate that our 'Final Girl' was going crazy from the memories of her friends death, and the scared nature of her as the killer hasn't yet been caught. We took this basis of our 'Final Girl' psycho and flashback behaviour from Lori Campbell in Freddy Vs Jason. As Lori in the film becomes an insomniac due to lack of sleep as she is scared of Freddy being in her dreams, which or character Lucy ( Sophie Dixon) in our opening can relate to.

7 - When developing our Idents, we wanted to give of a mysterious feel to the movie but not give too much away, we used Live Type to complete our Idents. For our Distribution Ident we used a whirl for the background  to signify time fading in and out, without starting the film. For our second Ident we used me saying Shhh, we though Shh would be good as our Production is ' Secret Production'.

Untitled from katie mallows on Vimeo.

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