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Thursday, 6 January 2011


For help in producing our film, Me and Katie watched Tormented ( Released in 2009) . Tormented which is directed by John Wrigth  is based in a college/school in England. Which is a slight difference to your typical horror film setting and place. The film is based on a boy called Darren Mullet, played by Calvin Dean who is bullied throughout his school life, and after being 'tormented' by his bullies, the ' popular ones', he commits suicide. After his suicide strange and gory deaths begin to happen and the only characters dieing are the 'bullies' the teens who made Darren Mullets life a living hell, the leaders of the 'gang' Bradley and Tasha are Played by Alex Pettyfer and April Pearson. As the film develops we begin to realise that 'Mullet' has come back from the dead to get revenge on his classmates. I chose to watch this film because it is your typical teen horror movie which will help with the production of my film.
The uniform worn by each character shows their personality, and their contrasting images, you have your typical popular girls wearing short skirts and loose tye's and then you have the boys wearing unbuttoned shirts and loose tye's, the still below shows a visual of how the uniform was worn.
Tormented is a silly high-school slasher

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  1. that tells us a little about the narrative, but what have you picked up about the media language used - shot types, costume, locations, props, sound, editing etc?
    when viewing, think about how you'd approach a test on semiotics, and use these terms to pick out clear examples of aspects of media language - perhaps shot types, editing of a sequence, use of sound, costume to denote character type etc - which are helping shape (or support) your own ideas


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