" Secret Productions"

Secret Productions
Film Name - " No Hiding Place"
Members Of The Group ... Katie & Ellie :)

Monday, 31 January 2011

Our first Ident Idea

With our production name being Secret Productions, we have come up with the idea of our ident being someone saying sshhh. We have come up with a rough copy of the design and would like it to be a picture of someone with there figure on their mouth, to represent the image of Sshhhh, but out image will be blacked out, so you cannot see the face and all you can see is the finger , with the line Sshhhh.
We chose our design to be like this so it ties in with the Secret Production and gives off the mysterious feeling. We are going to film and record someone saying Sshhhh, but black out the image, so it concentrates more on the lips and the finger.

We are hoping for it to look something like this but more blacked out, so you cannot see the face :

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