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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Eden Lake

With my film being based on teenagers and the disturbed nature of them, i watched Eden Lake in order to help me develop the idea of a psychopathic teenager.
"Refusing to let anything spoil their romantic weekend break, a young couple confront a gang of loutish youths with terrifyingly brutal consequences"
 Eden Lake was released in September 2008, made $5,824 in the USA Box Office and £481,710 in the UK Box Office. 
The main characters Michael Fassbender (Steve) and Kelly Reilly(Jenny)set off for a romantic weekend away and become victim to vile and vicious attacks by a young gang.

Eden Lake gives form to the extreme stereotypical views and fears of youth today,and without fail places them into a slasher film context,the ending isn't your typical Hollywood ending, instead of cutting the ending off completely and having your typical, final girl or scream queen, it ends with a complete twist making the horror seem inescapable.

The opening scene lasts 3 minuets and begins in a school,the music for the opening scene as they are driving to Eden Lake is quite slow and mysterious. Various things happen on there way to the lake such as a woman slaps her child in a supermarket; rude cyclists casually ride through a red light, causing Steve's (Michael Fassbender)Jeep to brake, and an advertisement announces that Steve's favourite lake is to be redeveloped into a gated community,which immediately foreshadows to the audience that things are not going to be as calm as the couple wanted

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