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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

My Coursework Pitch - "No Hiding Place"

For my film which is called " No Hiding Place" i was mainly inspired by the films posted on YouTube by HurtWood Media School.Another inspiration was the film " All The Boys Love Mandy Lane" i watched this film and took a slightly different take on it, as we discover at the end the killings were by a boy who 'loved' Mandy and would have done anything to be with her, which to him meant killing her friends. The Storyline for my film includes your typical teenage boy, girl love interest with a twist. The first shot will be shown in the living room of the house, and then as they are casually talking about the night before, the girl who will be called Lucy asks the boy who will be called Jimmy what he thought happened to her friends from the night before , his reply will then be shy and quiet and stutters with a puzzled look on his face, this will hopefully automatically show the audience he is hiding something. His reply will be "probably just stayed out". Lucy however doesn't think anything of it so as she shrugs it off, she goes upstairs to use the toilet but walks into the wrong room. In this room she discovers pictures of herself plastered on the wall, as if he has been following her every move. 
She then becomes very scared, so  quietly gets herself out of the house, ( are set will be based in the middle of no-where so the house will seem deserted and mysterious, the house we are filming in is your  typical farm house,with a barn placed near it, as these are the only two sheltered places near by, this adds to the tension.) 
He calls her name , " Luceeey...  Luceeey"  with a pro-longed pause in between, as she runs. As she carries on running she will eventually end up  hiding in a nearby barn, he continues calling her name but sounding more angry each time. 
When she opens the barn door and turns around she is devastated to discover her friends who consequentially went missing the previous night,  hands tied up behind their backs,unconscious. Running to help them, she hears the sounds of heavy breathing and footsteps coming towards the barn. She then runs to hide frantically in a corner of the barn, trying really hard to be quiet, hand against her mouth trying to stop herself screaming, as she hears the footsteps again she begins to believe she is in some case 'safe', that is however until her phone begins to ring, she scrambles to get it and then the camera goes for a close up on his face where he then says " told you, you couldn't hide from me" we then end with a scream. 

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