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Secret Productions
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Sunday, 23 January 2011

Filming Arrangements

Today we have filmed what we hope to be our final filming for our coursework. We have used a variety of shots whilst filming such as pan shot, close ups, low angles and high angles ( we used high and low angle to identify the power and vulnerability shift between the main boy and girl characters) , two shots, and mid shots. Our filming took us appropriately 3 hours, we are hoping to begin editing by tomorrow. Even though we began filming at about 5.30 the lighting was just as we wanted it, with a mysterious feel because we didn't want it to be too light because of the storyline. Overall our night of filming has gone to plan and we are very happy with the progress of filming we have made so far, however we still need to think about the music we are going to use to add effect, and our filming was over 2minuets long so we need to cut some things out or make the editing cuts faster to make it fit the criteria of time, but we hopefully aim to have our editing done in the next couple of weeks, and completing and uploading our next podcast this week, to inform you more on our progress.

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