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Secret Productions
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Sunday, 23 January 2011


For our characters we are basing them on the characters from Freddie Vs Jason. Our final girl Lucy is going to be played by Rachel Harrison, who with a contrast is a blond, we have changed the stereotypical blond, scream queen image to our final girl. Our other two characters who are friends of Lucys, Amber and Kirsty will be played by Melodie Ambraham and Annie Cutillo, they will be tied up together in the garage, to make it look like they have been kidnapped and beaten. Our lead boy will be played by Tyrone Abraham, he will be the ' stalker' who is obsessive with Rachels character Lucy, the boy that throughout the film Lucy is trying so hard to escape, who has kidnapped her friends and tied them up.
The clothes worn by Annie and Mel are going to be dresses and heels, but the dresses are going to look ripped and torn down, asif they have been out the night before and beaten down.
Rachel is going to be in casual clothes, for example jeans and uggs and Tyrone more a less the same.
Below are pictures of our 3 main girls:
Annie Cutillo, Rachel Harrison,Melodie Abraham

Here is a trailer for Freddie VS Jason .. this may give you an idea on our characters :

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