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Secret Productions
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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Top Tips For My Next Micro-Drama

When doing my micro - drama i learnt that it is very difficult to make and produce a film, there is alot of time and effort included in this. i have learnt that planning and preparation are the two key areas to having a well created film and being able to co-operate fully with your group members and to also have fun with the making of the film.

1. have more preparation time and conclude things more fully on the story board in order to have a full    understanding of what we are filming.
2. work on the sound more and re-edit the noise in order for the vocals to be more balanced.
3. use time more wisely in order to make sure you get everything you need.
4. try and use a wide range of misc-en-scene
5. consider taking a range of shots during one scene to create shot verse shot effect.
6. use more camera angles of characters
7. consider what the micro-drama entails and what settings you may require to use.

Below is mine and katies edited version of our micro-drama :  

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